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While several other pitfalls may cause you headaches during Amazon account registration, our expert guidance ensures seamless navigation of Amazon’s requirements, safeguarding your business from potential setbacks.

No experience? No problem! We offer you an Ultimate Guide on how to launch your Amazon Seller Account

Our guide simplifies the seller registration process. Follow our comprehensive step-by-step process for a successful account registration:

  • Whole process step-by-step

    Easy to understand step-by-step guidance; your chance for a successful account registration

  • Essential tips and tricks

    Learn valuable insider knowledge to optimize your seller account and maximize your chances of success.

  • Exclude the possibility of errors

    We list all the possible errors that can cause your account to be rejected, ensuring a smooth registration process.

  • Precise Checklist

    Refer to our complete checklist of all required documents to ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Up-to-date information

    Our guide is regularly updated to reflect any changes or new requirements from Amazon, ensuring you have the most accurate information at your fingertips.

  • Time-saving strategies

    Don't waste precious time figuring things out on your own. Get up and selling faster with our efficient approach.

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Common mistakes that can prolong Amazon Seller Account Registration

Navigate Amazon registration with us smoothly by avoiding these common pitfalls, for example:

Incorrect Names and Addresses

Ensure all names and addresses match precisely across documentation. For example, if your name isn't on utility bills due to lease agreements, provide leasehold contracts to validate your address.

Incorrect Bank Details

Upload accurate bank information at the outset to prevent potential suspension. Although Amazon does allow you change your bank account details after registering, but in some cases, it can result in your account being suspended indefinitely.

Verification Document Errors

Ensure compliance with Amazon's strict document requirements. Documents must adhere to specific formats and languages, with translations and notarizations if necessary. Bank statements should show recent transactions within the last 90 days and must be in color. Ensure your documents are precisely accurate before submission, as the registration process cannot be interrupted once initiated.

Save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes

Our comprehensive ebook unravels the complexities, transforming your journey into a breeze. Eliminate confusion and get your seller account up and running efficiently.

How to launch your Amazon Seller Account?

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  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Essential tips and tricks
  • How to avoid costly mistakes
  • Time-saving strategies
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Dreaming of launching your store on Amazon but you are unsure how to navigate the complexities of account setup, especially from outside the U.S.? 

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Ultimate Amazon Guide by Laveco USA

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions.

What can I do to get it?

Click to the „Order Now” or “Buy Now” button.

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What kind of format will I receive the Guide?

Our Ultimate Amazon Guide is in PDF format. It can be accsessed and downloaded to any device (e.g. smartphone, iPad, PC. laptop etc.)

Not having a PDF reader downloaded on your device your PDF can automatically be viewed in Chrome browser. Chrome has a built-in PDF viewer that will allow you to view your eBook.

How many payment options can I choose from?

You can make your payment with your debit card via Stripe. You don’t need a registration.

After the payment how do I receive the Guide?

After your payment is successful you can download the eBook. 

You will be able to access the link anytime you like for a period of a “lifetime”. So the access to your purchase has no time limit and you will be receiving the Guide in a pdf format. 

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