oREGON llc formation

Pre-made packages for LLC formation in Oregon

Get the business formation package that suits your needs, whether you’re looking for a basic package or comprehensive support. We provide all the essentials to initiate or expand your business successfully.

Basic llc formation PACKAGE

without registered agent service

$0 + state filing fees

TOTAL: $105

Basic+ llc formation PACKAGE

with registered agent service

$0 + state filing fees + $75 registered agent service for 1 year

TOTAL: $180

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Why form your LLC in Oregon?

Oregon LLCs typically benefit from pass-through taxation. The company’s profits and losses are reported on the members’ personal tax returns, avoiding double taxation at both the entity and individual levels.

The state is home to a skilled workforce and top educational institutions, providing access to qualified professionals across various industries.

If your business prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendly practices, Oregon’s environmentally conscious culture aligns well with those values. Oregon’s strategic location on the West Coast provides easy access to markets in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, facilitating distribution and market reach.

Advantages of forming LLC in Oklahoma

  • Tax Benefits

    Tax Benefits: Oregon offers a competitive tax environment with no state sales tax and incentives for specific industries.

  • Strategic Location

    Oregon's location on the West Coast provides access to significant markets and trade opportunities.

  • Diverse Economy

    Oregon has a strong and diverse economy anchored in technology, agriculture, forestry, and renewable energy.

  • Regional Labor Cost Considerations

    Businesses in non-urban counties may benefit from lower minimum wages.

  • Industry Support

    Oregon fosters growth in popular sectors like craft brewing, organic farming, and outdoor gear manufacturing.

  • Workforce Development

    Oregon invests in workforce training programs to support businesses' skill needs.

Disadvantages of forming LLC in Oregon

  • Tax Burden for High Earners

    Oregon's high personal income tax rate can impact business owners and employees.

  • Corporate Activity Tax

    Businesses with over $1 million in Oregon commercial activity may be subject to the Corporate Activity Tax.

  • Minimum Tax for Certain LLCs

    Some LLCs may face a minimum tax regardless of profit levels.

  • Environmental Regulations

    Businesses may encounter restrictive and costly environmental regulations.

  • Land Use Restrictions

    Construction and real estate businesses may face stringent land use regulations.

  • Varied Minimum Wage Rates

    Varied Minimum Wage Rates: Businesses in the Portland metro area may experience higher labor costs due to tiered minimum wage rates.

  • Licensing and Permit Requirements

    Certain businesses may face extensive licensing or permit requirements.

  • Intense Sector Competition

    Popular sectors like sustainability, organic farming, craft brewing, and tech face high competition.

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