New Mexico LLC Formation


Why form your LLC in New Mexico?

New Mexico is a great place for business, thanks to its strong tourism and diverse economy. New Mexico is home to research institutions and government labs, providing opportunities for businesses involved in technology and innovation.

New Mexico generally has a lower cost of living compared to many other states, which can benefit both business owners and employees.

The state offers helpful guides for starting an LLC, where only the business is liable for debts, not the owners. Management can be internal or external, and voting and profits are based on financial contributions. You can also transfer your ownership.

In terms of taxation, Wyoming stands out for not levying either personal or corporate income taxes. Additionally, businesses operating in the state are not subject to franchise taxes.

One unique feature that sets Wyoming apart from other states is the option for a “lifetime proxy.” This provision allows business owners to designate a representative to manage their shares or stock in a company, thereby affording owners a level of anonymity that is uncommon in other jurisdictions.

Advantages of forming LLC in New Mexico

  • Private

    New Mexico LLCs offer anonymity, with no requirement to disclose member or manager information.

  • Exempt from annual reports

    Exempt from annual reports, reducing administrative burden and costs.

  • Tax System

    New Mexico's gross receipts tax system may be advantageous for some businesses, but careful understanding is essential.

  • Simple formation, maintance

    Forming and maintaining a New Mexico LLC is simple due to minimal requirements.

  • No required business licenses

    Non-residents can form New Mexico LLCs to benefit from its favorable business environment.

Disadvantages of forming LLC in New Mexico

  • New Mexico's gross receipts tax applies to a broader range of transactions than traditional sales taxes.

  • Rural New Mexico may have limited local services, vendors, and professionals.

  • New Mexico's economy may not be as robust as other states, affecting certain industries.

  • Out-of-state businesses using New Mexico LLCs may face local perception issues.

  • New Mexico may offer fewer state-sponsored small business resources than larger states.

Pre-made packages for LLC formation in New Mexico

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