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Why form your LLC in Texas?

Texas is a big state with a lot of people. That means more customers for whatever you’re selling. Plus, it’s a growing state, so your customer base could get even bigger over time.

In Texas, you don’t have to pay state income tax. That means you get to keep more of your money, which you can use to grow your business or give bonuses to your team.

Things like office rent and utilities generally cost less in Texas compared to other states. That makes it easier for small businesses to get started and for big businesses to expand.

Texas makes it simple for businesses to get going. There’s less paperwork and fewer hoops to jump through, so you can get your business up and running faster.

Texas has a bunch of great schools that produce skilled workers in all kinds of fields. So, it’s easier to find talented people to hire.

With big airports, highways, and ports, it’s easier and cheaper to ship things in and out of Texas. If your business needs to move products around, this is a big plus.

So, from keeping more of your money to easily finding good workers, Texas offers a bunch of benefits that can make it a great place to start or grow a business.

Advantages of forming LLC in Texase

  • Tax Advantages for Smaller LLCs

    Some smaller LLCs might be exempt from the Texas Franchise Tax if their total revenue falls below a specific threshold

  • No Gross Receipts Tax

    Unlike some other states, Texas doesn’t have a gross receipts tax, which is a tax on total business revenue regardless of profitability

  • Open to Out-of-State Entrepreneurs

    You don't have to be a Texas resident to form an LLC in the state. This gives out-of-state entrepreneurs the ability to tap into the Texas market easily.

  • Privacy Protection

    LLC member names are not required to be publicly disclosed in Tennessee.

Disadvantages of forming LLC in Texas

  • Franchise Tax Implications for Texas LLCs

    Although Texas doesn't have a state income tax, it does impose a franchise tax on most businesses, including LLCs. You'll need to understand this tax and how it will affect your business.

  • Annual 'No Tax Due' Filing Requirement

    Even if your LLC doesn’t owe any franchise tax (for example, because your revenue is below the threshold), you're still required to file a 'No Tax Due' report every year.

  • Limitations of LLC Liability Protection

    While an LLC provides good liability protection, it's not bulletproof. For example, personal creditors might be able to pursue business assets in some cases.

  • Public Disclosure of Governing Person's Information in Texas LLCs

    Texas LLCs must list the name and address of at least one governing person (member or manager) in the public records. For those concerned about privacy, this could be a drawback.

Pre-made packages for LLC formation in Texas

Get the business formation package that suits your needs, whether you’re looking for a basic package or comprehensive support. We provide all the essentials to initiate or expand your business successfully.

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