Empowering Global Commerce: The Benefits of Registering a Company in the USA

Empowering Global Commerce: The Benefits of Registering a Company in the USA

In the United States, registered companies provide excellent opportunities for conducting business transactions. They are versatile for engaging in commercial, manufacturing, and service activities within the borders of the USA. Moreover, they are one of the best options for those looking to venture beyond the US borders. Registering and operating a company in the USA has never been as simple and cost-effective as it is today. While in other countries, legal costs for establishing a new company can run into thousands of dollars, in the USA, it can be accomplished with just a few hundred dollars. Every penny matters for a startup, so it’s crucial to be aware of the anticipated costs from the outset of entrepreneurial activities.

With this blog post, my goal is to provide comprehensive information about registering a company in the USA. I’ll be sharing new information, ideas, and tips every week, presented in an easily understandable manner. It’s worth checking in regularly, as I’ll be offering the most up-to-date information, including successful practices employed by other businesses.

Amazon and the US Company Advantage: Reaching a Global Audience

Perhaps one of the most widely pursued activities today is commerce. It’s becoming increasingly fashionable not just to trade and operate a store within one country but also internationally, making it easier to find customers globally. Think about the online marketplaces you visit every day as a consumer – it’s clear that these platforms offer opportunities for you to become a seller too. And, of course, the operation of dropshippers also aims in this direction, reaching as many consumers worldwide as possible.

Registered companies in the USA provide an excellent opportunity for this. Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? According to current statistics, approximately 2000 new “stores” open on Amazon every day – that’s how many new sellers aim to enter the market through this platform. A significant portion of companies selling on Amazon is registered in the USA. The requirements of Amazon for a new business can be found on their site. These conditions can be met by a newly established company; they’re not too complicated. Of course, it’s necessary to have an accepted bank account and the associated bank card, which are now accessible for a non-US resident who establishes a US company through various fintech companies.

US Company Registration Doesn't Guarantee Visas

We are often approached by individuals outside the USA who want to register a company in the United States to obtain a visa or residency permit. Well, this is a complex matter. The immigration rules in the USA are quite intricate. Simply having a company registered in the USA does not guarantee a visa for prolonged stay, residency permit, or a green card. If someone intends to register a company for this sole purpose, we cannot say it will be a slam-dunk victory. If it were, everyone would choose this path, and there would be millions of USA-based companies.

However, that’s not the case. Even when issuing a tourist visa, the US embassies examine numerous factors. A newly established company with zero history means nothing to them. Of course, if someone has been successfully running a business in the USA for years, with a credible company history and consistent tax filings in the States, then after a few years, this is taken into consideration. So, if someone plans to go to the USA for business purposes and stay there continuously in the future, having a USA company that has been operating for a few years can be a good “entry pass.”